Carl Gustaf CG 63 6,5x55mm *GEBRUIKT*

  • Carl Gustaf CG 63 6,5x55mm  *GEBRUIKT*
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Carl Gustaf CG63 competitiegeweer in 6,5x55mm van 1902. Een CG63 is een in Zweden door Carl Gustaf omgebouwde M96 voor competitiegebruik. Voorzien van een M/Söderin Diopter en een mooie houten target-kolf.

These competition/target rifles were used by members of the Swedish Volunteer Sharpshooting Movement Frivilliga Skytterörelsen (FSR) and are known to be very accurate. The FSR strived to keep the costs of participating in their shooting events reasonable, so the FSR rulings restricted the unchecked use of very expensive highly specialized target rifles, ammunition and other gear. The CG 63 rifle was built on a M96 receiver, to which a new heavy, non-stepped free-floating target barrel was fitted. The vertical thumb piece was removed from the bolt to improve lock time. The triggers were adjusted and smoothed to match quality and the rifles got diopter and globe sighting lines (from several Swedish manufacturers) and target stocks.

Artikelnummer: MARGE-795
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